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Latest changes:
1st of May 2019 (versie 4.66)
- Pedigree Gomes 270 persons
- 3 Stories
- The number of documents, photos and gravestones linked to the persons from the database is now 31.074

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A difference from 58 years!

Welcome in my Genealogische Databank. Inserted are
- Genealogy of the Gomes family.
- Genealogical fragments Alkmaar.
- Family reconstruction Callantsoog < BS
- European nobility and their descent.

Since a long time I am researching to all possible information in relation to the family-name Gomes; also with the past of the town in which I lived for many years with a great pleasure. My historical interest is the source of the European nobility.

Many individuals passed by and are 'computerized'. Many other individuals not yet.

In the years from 1999 my genealogical sites are visited very well.
All the banners and messages let me decide to create my own dominion and my own Genealogische Databank
Today there are 221.902 individuals available.
For extensive access to the Database you must register. Restricted access: username: guest; password: guest

Quotes from the book "Den Burg 1622-1830" have been (partly) taken over with permission of the authors.

Rob Gomes
Tilburg, The Netherlands 1st of May 2019

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